Phaessa's Mission:

To provide a sense of divine confidence, strength, and beauty through Phaessa designs. 

Phaessa's Company Description & Commitments:

Phaessa was founded with the aim to provide a sense of divine confidence for our wearer. Taking inspirations from natural elements of life, symbols and divinity, Phaessa provides a divine sense of pride, confidence, beauty, and strength through wearing our creations.  Designs artistically combines fabric with jewlery to create innovative pieces that satisfly both the love of jewelry and the love of fashion.  

The company name was derived from Euryphaessa, the Greek Goddess of wide shining light.  Each design is named after a Greek deity to achieve this aim.  All pieces are handcrafted with the finest materials to ensure the highest standard of craft. Phaessa’s designs embrace the beauty of gemstones, pearls, and crystals. We transform these beauties through precious metals, luxurious fabrics and natural materials into wearable art.   

It is our continuous commitment to strive for customer satisfaction and to be an environmentally responsible company. We contribute to minimization of environmental harm caused from metal mining by recycling our precious metal scraps.


Behind Phaessa's Company Logo

 Phaessa draws inspiration from natural elements of life.  Our company logo of the 7 pointed stars represents 7 goddess holding hands, within a circle of endless cycle.  

7 is a number that symbolized the totality of the Universe. It is the number of days in a week, and the beginning and the end of a natural cycle, representing renewal.  Circle is the symbol of continuity and sustainability, the shape of the never ending cycle.

* Products can be reproduced in other metal of choice : 925 Sterling Silver, 930 Argentium Silver, 14K Gold-filled, 10K, 14K and 18K in both Yellow and White Gold, as well as 14K Rose Gold.  Stones can also be substituted.  The price will be dependent on the price variance of stones and metals.  Please contact us at info@phaessa.com if this service is required and allow additional production time.


About our Chief Designer: Yvonne Yu